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Language Reference

Safe-DS is a domain-specific language (DSL) to quickly and safely develop data science programs. In this context, safety means that it tries to prevent errors or detect them while you program, so you do not waste time running a program that will fail.

File extension

Safe-DS programs must have the file extension sds, like in titanic.sds.

This remaining documentation provides a detailed reference for the concepts of the Safe-DS language:

  • Packages help avoid conflicts that could arise if two declarations have the same name.
  • Pipelines define the entry point of a program.
  • Statements are the instructions that are executed as part of a program.
  • Expressions are computations that produce some value.
  • Segments encapsulate parts of program and make them reusable.
  • Types describe the kind of data that a declaration can hold.
  • Comments document the code.
  • Imports make declarations in other packages accessible.