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Safely develop Data Science programs with a statically checked domain specific language (DSL).


  1. Get the latest extension for Visual Studio Code from the Visual Studio Marketplace. This sets up a complete development environment for Safe-DS programs.
  2. To execute Safe-DS programs, the Safe-DS Runner has to be installed and configured additionally:
    1. Install Python (3.11 or 3.12).
    2. Run pip install "safe-ds-runner>=0.8.0,<0.9.0" in a command line to download the latest matching Runner version from PyPI.
    3. If the Visual Studio Code extension cannot start the runner, adjust the setting safe-ds.runner.command. Enter the absolute path to the Runner executable, as seen in the image below.



You can find the full documentation here.


We welcome contributions from everyone. As a starting point, check the following resources:

If you need further help, please use our discussion forum.