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Safely develop Data Science programs with a statically checked domain specific language (DSL) and integrated tools for data inspection.


Using this Documentation

If you look for information about a specific topic, use the search bar at the top of this page. Otherwise, use the navigational elements to reach one of the following sections:

Section Description
Getting Started Learn how to configure a development environment for Safe-DS and write your first program.
Language Reference Learn about the concepts of the Safe-DS language.
API Reference Learn about the API elements that you can use in Safe-DS programs, like classes and functions.
Integrating New Libraries Learn how to integrate new libraries into Safe-DS (⚠ documentation is work in progress).
Development Learn about various aspects of developing Safe-DS itself.


We welcome contributions from everyone, be it a new feature, a bugfix, better documentation, or something else. As a starting point, check the following resources:

Getting Help

If you need further help, please use our discussion forum.