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Call Graph Testing

Call graph tests are data-driven instead of being specified explicitly. This document explains how to add a new call graph test.

Adding a call graph test

  1. Create a new file with the extension .sdsdev in the tests/resources/call graph directory or any subdirectory. Give the file a descriptive name, since the file name becomes part of the test name.

    Skipping a test

    If you want to skip a test, add the prefix skip- to the file name.

  2. Add the Safe-DS code that you want to test to the file.

  3. Surround calls or callables for which you want to compute a call graph with test markers, e.g. »f()«. Add a comment in the preceding line with the following format:
    // $TEST$ ["f", "$blockLambda", "$expressionLambda", "undefined"]
    The comment must contain an array with the names of the callables that are expected to be called. The order must match the actual call order. The names must be:
    • The quoted name of a named callable, e.g. "f".
    • The string "$blockLambda" for a block lambda.
    • The string "$expressionLambda" for an expression lambda.
    • The string "undefined" for an undefined callable.
  4. Run the tests. The test runner will automatically pick up the new test.